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  1. I'll prolly be more at TAL than NF, since NF sucks. I really wonder what happened to that guy. Prolly to busy with school/work and all.
  2. Hey bro u gonna be on TAL w/ this place shutting it down? I am prolly gonna be there and NF. ^And did u ever figure out what happened to Kigga?
  3. ^Thx
  4. Here's the thread for it I gave it the Japanese name. That's probably the reason you couldn't find it. Have fun watching it.
  5. Yea I just stumbled upon it yesterday while watching Rideback, the animation and characters were so good I was wondering why I hadn't seen it b4.. But I remember u pumping up a thread about a similar show last yr, so I thought u saw it, altho I couldn't find the thread. I am definitely watching it tho.
  6. Yes I have seen it. Pretty good anime. The story seems a bit weird at first but you'll get used to it fast and there are major lols to be had. You should definitely watch it.
  7. Hey Haoh u seen the anime- library wars? I think I remember u making a thread of it..
  8. Yeah man go check it out in the naruto anime section. The old intro has a Kakuzu and Hidan fightscene added to it. Like you see in my sig it looks awesome!
  9. Hey Hao whats the sig from? Shippuuden go a new op?
  10. We can still hold out hope since FMA is gettin a sequel/remake, man I would've been pissed if it were someone else like Gonzo doin FMA.
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