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  1. Yea they can flame u hard especially on lounge for newbies. Man I remember back in '04 the site had a gray/black Kakashi skin and it was Naruto 24/7 mixed in w/ some FMA
  2. Oh yeah, it was the same with me except i ventured into the forums a little too soon, got butthurt, left and came back a few months later to lurk. So, yeah.
  3. Yea dude as a registered member for the Naruto downloads. But I didn't post until like 2006.. I never knew about the forums.=p
  4. holy fuck. you were here since '04?
  5. ^Thx.
  6. FUCK YEAH! Cross.
  7. i know it is, just got a 26" a few weeks ago =D
  8. I actually don't use as a computer monitor altho I have been thinkin about doing so, I just play games and watch anime thru the PS3, 1080 anime is amazing.=D
  9. oh, right. anyway, do you use it just to watch anime, or do you use it primarily as your computer monitor?
  10. ^Actually just got a new 32".
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