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  1. Bro, check out the bangs in lounge... may need to clean it up a bit.
  2. I just lost the taste for writing, that's all. I wasn't even writing my own shit, let alone things for the newsletter, so I saw no reason to keep saying I'd do something and then not do it.
  3. So Steve, why'd you leave the NL staff out of curiousity?
  4. Steve if you haven't already - check out the band 'Lower Definition'. Thier biggest inspirations are Deftones and Glassjaw, and It shows.. you'll dig 'em.
  5. Not too big on the posting anymore. Nothing I see on the boards that really interest me haha.
  6. What's been up man? Never see you post anymore...
  7. lol An honest mistake, Niddy.
  8. Nice Sharingan Steve. Ebay ?
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