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  1. No, it's fine. It'll manage well enough with what you're to do on the first arc.
  2. Yea, I hope you don't mind the simplicity of my Sexton character. Not every character has to have the super exciting and complex background. Lol.
  3. made changes
  4. posted man
  5. BTW, posted as Flux. He's trying to punch Vibe in the stomach
  6. I assume the loss as well. Hence, me trying to get him out of the way. But its gonna be a good show.
  7. Haha, don't worry. One thing I'm sure you've noticed is that there's like 15 heroes and 3 villains, which by associates makes our villains even harder to beat than normal simply from scale of power! But no, I don't expect it to be easy, however, I do quite expect Flux to lose. He at least has two heroes there with him, Vibe is all alone.
  8. You just assume the hurt.
  9. Your post, dog.
  10. you may have an ally
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