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  1. English, lol. Might go into grad school with it
  2. I wouldn't know. But depending on your country, the chances may be slim. If you're around in Europe, it might be possible. But it really depends on the study you're following.
  3. Yeah... I am gonna do some research after I make some dinner for some guests.

    Out of curiosity, do you think there are any kind of study abroad programs that could take me to the Netherlands?
  4. Fuck man, I wouldn't know. It's shit like that which makes me so happy I'm in the Netherlands.

    Maybe you ought to look into it a bit? To know what it's all about.
  5. I am a lot better now, thanks. I still am not all the way there. The problem is that I couldn't work much before the surgery, and not at all after. Still, all the bills kept coming... including the hospital ones. Some lawyers even want a piece of me. I am trying to go back to school and finish, but I owe a lot of people a lot of money. My dad said he would help, but that is a laugh.

    I wonder if I can still get student loans if I go bankrupt? It's sad that I even consider it.
  6. Holyshitbro! I'm glad you're still alive! I assume everything went well.

    Have you checked for superpowers yet? You really oughta..
    And considering the average foreign healthcare packages.. bankruptcy is harsch, but I figure the wisest take on the case is to chew what life throws at you. Best of luck, jsut keep on truckin' xD
  7. I had a brain tumor. Sucker was the size of a golf ball.

    As a result, my mom is now telling me I should declare bankruptcy.
  8. Sadly not, university is a killer, and so is getting drunk, having fun with my girlfriend, writing and hanging out with friends.
    I'm still hanging about in the Lounge though xD But time is not something I have much to spare of.

    Did you have a holiday? Or was the absence just spontaneous? :p
  9. Man.... I haven't heard anything from you in a while. Then again, I have been absent.

    Are you still doin the SSRP?
  10. Heya DJ! What's up bro?
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