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  1. alright this is the second day of posting, we have our test tomorrow right?
  2. it's done and the reiatsu color is silver I was going for pale-green but then I noticed that there were already tons of people with green reiatsu, and I thought golden didn't look right so I chose silver
  3. Ohhhh ok thx a lot bro. I'll delete that one.
  4. your not paying attention mate. here go to this link, and read.
  5. Okay I posted and I'm doing the Hakuda class. Do I wait for the teacher to post?
  6. find and read my last post in the academy thread, it should be a list of classes
  7. So can I walk into the zanjutsu class now? And when I do do I just say I meet a teacher or does the teacher have to meet me? I'm still a bit confused.
  8. i post several classes a week, on mondays i post the reiatsu based classes, you can participate in one per week, and you basically read the class, then post what you would do during the class, and thereafter. The non reiatsu classes you can take 2 a week, and they are designed for other attributes, such as speed(hohou), Swordplay(zanjutsu), hand to hand combat (hakuda), and demon arts (kidou). These classes work the same way. Also there are a few people with interactive teachers, they make random appearances. Those teachers are a bit different, as you post back and forth with the person playing the teacher, as such, they are a little more beneficial
  9. Yo shane, what do we do about teachers? Are people designated to be them?
  10. shane, ya gonna approve my character?
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