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  1. Thanks. I was thinking of doing something like that but I wasn't certain if the regeneration would fix it either way.
  2. Could always have been hurt as a human, and turned Hellblood. That wouldn't have fixed the eye. It wouldn't make much sense for a Hellblood to have been hurt as a Hellblood and not be healed. While it's arguable that the regeneration process can be stopped, someone at the skill level of these staring characters wouldn't have that much control.
  3. Erhh, hi. I'm making a character for your rp and I have a question regarding the regeneration ability of a hellblood.

    I'm planning on having a kind of half blind character (One eye is damaged), so I just have a few questions. Is it possible for my character to consciously stop the eye from healing? Or, if that isn't possible, just be damaged in the eye beyond repair or something?
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