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  1. Yeah, for about half a year. Quit that due to school.
  2. I have a low amount of tolerance for most things anyway, I don't remember if there was a catalyst to me logging out of NM for such a long time or not but it could easily be because I couldn't stand to read bs all day lol Weren't you an Admin? :S
  3. The drama makes me sick sometimes. I'm hardly ever in the Lounge anymore. Either the people are stupider or I'm getting less tolerant of BS the older I get. XD
  4. Yeah I suppose I am lol I just logged in a few days ago, made a few posts and err... kept logging back in? lol It is a lot more quiet here then it was the last time I was a regular... there seems to be more drama too lol
  5. You're back! :3
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