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  1. Banned?! That's a scary thought!
    Blegh, things like this happens now and then, it's nothing to rack your brain about. Things will look up sonner than you think, or when you least expect it.
  2. i dont feel bad at all, just lonely occasionally but nothing a good spar cant fix ^^;

    yea the same has been happening round here too. All my friends have been giving 3 times more homework than normal aswell as being banned from stuff and kept in. Figures...
  3. Don't feel too bad about it, things like this happens.
    I'm starting to think a bad omen's going around. Lately, everyone I know have either bee ngrounded, internet problems, or loss of interest because of inactivity 0..o
  4. unfortunately very badly...
    I let everyone down with the FC closing...
    unfortunately tho I will have to wait until I get internet access again before opening it.

    I'll try getting it open again, i feel bad for everyone ^^;
  5. Hm, how's the computer fixing going?
  6. hey Yoh
    yea long time so see

    happy belated christmas and new year lulz
  7. It's been a long time, pal. How's it been?
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