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  1. Yeah, I do that too sometimes, lol. I haven't signed on in a while though. Been really busy. =/
  2. Hey Natty! =) Do you ever sign into msn messenger anymore?
  3. Ah, don't try and lie. I know you're spying. It's ok, I'd do it too, lol.

    Alright, I'm getting off now. Talk to you later Nat!
  4. Ok, I'll try and make one this weekend then. I think I might know a couple other people who have facebook also.

    Lulz, are you spying on people?
  5. Sure, I could try and check it out. Never used facebook before.
  6. na but i have a facebook if you want that
  7. Yeah, I know. It sucks being so busy. =/

    Hey, do you have a myspace?
  8. yeah i've been really busy as well, with work and shit. i dont get to go on as much either. hopefully there will be more time in the future lol
  9. I'm doing ok, just been really busy with school. It feels like I hardly ever get to log on anymore, maybe once or twice a week. How about you? How have you been? ^^
  10. hehe hello crazy breanny lol
    how have you been?
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