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  1. Yeah, I know. I was just messing with you. That really was a funny @$$ punch line you had, though. You know, I think penguinism just likes going against the grain. He knows a lot of people have been riding Pein's @!&% like speed racer on crack going for the home stretch. So what does he do? Comes out and makes the most ridiculous statement he could make just to not be one of the folks he sees as swinging from Nagato's short hairs. But then I could always be wrong. Maybe that is his point of view.
  2. No, that was complete sarcasm. WTF is penguinism talking about shnra tensei not being strong lol.
  3. Actually that was your mom's peach cobbler; you just were too drunk to remember which pot you dug your lil' dipper into. How do I know? Well me and my kage bushin were on the other sides of the pot diggin our big dippers in for second helpings. Hope you liked our sloppy thirds.
  4. Oh my sig gif is two guy fighting from Resident evil 5. I think its this Wesker guy versus Alex Redfield from the series. I never played resident evil before, but this game looks really cool anyway
  5. Hey what's that from in your signature? By the way at least one of the issue's scanlations said that the next one was all in color.
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