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  1. It's those donations that will do it.
  2. ugh! i didnt know the forum got temporarily closed X_X wow!

    and i see
  3. I'm not really that busy since I only post on them every so often. Besides, those are just the ones that I post on.

    1 of the fprums I go to is mainly filled with people from here that migrated there when this place got shutdown last month.

    I know that feeling all to well.
  4. wow, u really r keeping urself busy!!! @_@ lol, ur brave to be in so many... i could never do that!

    and well, i go on myspace only cos a lot of people that i met here have an account and is a lot more relaxed, u dont get into trouble for getting "off topic" lol

    as for NM, i couldnt help coming back, is almost like school, u hate the place but u miss your friends crazy aint it?
  5. I'm doing just fine, and how about you? Actually, I found myself spending less time here then before since I'm on about 4 other forums. <_<

    Also, never really wanted to go on myspace so I wouldn't be able to see you there.
  6. Hi eddieson! nice to see you still hang around here... i spend most of the time on myspace <_< lol! how u doin???
  7. Hello there allie.
  8. Tagging this place, pyon.

    Now for Ro, pyon.
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