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  1. yeah u need shikai to learn shynpou, but anything goes for this training excercise. We've covered lots of binding kidou, and reiatsu basics. we could move on to next level of reiatsu skill but might be abit too soon up to you. Or we could try out some destructive kidou your choice fella, like i said you can learn anything you want to within limits of course. Now for the not soon much good news. Our lil arc is going to be coming to an end soon. Lots of people wanting to rp it up with my chary haha
  2. I was wondering what exactly I COULD learn... is shyunpo too much still? Or did you have something specific in mind?
  3. yo makoto, i could play it two ways. but i think we'll have yurakai in lycan half state
  4. just two quick posts there for ya before i go work. (Ps its like 6:30am, lol cant be arsed with work XD))
  5. aye leaving now
  6. sounds like a plan. Leaving now?
  7. dont ya think i know lol, most of central is like waiting for taichou's to wrap up there fights and SS seems to be on down time again but im on now so me and you will leave central get ready for training arc
  8. its been a really long time since makoto got to do anything
  9. Yo justin Posted man
  10. okay i aint got a clue, got for a free roam post lol
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