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  1. yea thought i'd give you the heads up just in case no has told you. If you want (if you sign up) you can send me a FR, i'm really active in the lic sec so it should be easy to find me. Since Nm is on it's way down, ppl are going there. My name is still Black Paladin for now, but it will change in a few days. Oh BTW, SkullKnight is now Demon Patriot.
  2. huh really?
  3. Hey, Not sure if ya get this, but almost every one is moving to
  4. i'm good, their is a nice storm right now.
  5. good good and you?
  6. how are you to day Snuffelz?
  7. yea, i've been doing it to improve my writting ability. My primary thing is poerty
  8. lol you roleplay?
  9. i'm pretty good. Thing are getting out of hand in the rp section so i'm just going to everthing else
  10. im good and you? and its ok
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