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  1. my mom won't let me get M raated games so a couple of those games i can't get get a hold of so.....yea i want to play CoD WaW but she is very stubborn about M rated games which is annyoing
  2. Well, in next month im going to get Halo 3 and Halo Wars. Also you can contact me in live by sending messages or messenger in xbox 360. remember dont send any voiced messages, cuz im deaf. just send texts ones or any like that.

    Chrome Hound is bit hard to beat, considering only i managed to beat two of seven story arcs. Also, Oblivion has lotta stuff to unlock to boost your achievements and gamescores. I got like, over 15 achivements from that, mostly from Guilds and Arenas.

    Yes, it is real that 20 bucks for three months in Gold. but i remmeber that they said some tax will apply but it didnt, so it probably will remain intact with 20 bucks

    You should get Cod WaW and GTA IV, their multiplayer is best ever, almost better like Halo 3.
  3. only 20 bucks? hmm then maybe ill look into that but don't have any of those games you mentioned but have been wanting to get Frontline: Fuel of War and now that i think about it we might have Chrome Hounds ill have to check though. the name i would use would be "Demon Patriot" "Legion" or "Patriot Demon" since those are my most used names i use on games. you on TAL? if not you goin to join?
  4. lol. I finally got Xbox Live Gold for three months, (i had to use ethrenet cable anyways until June.) My new live profile is raganok99. You can add me if you can afford live, 3-month gold costs 20 bucks.

    My games are Oblivion, CoD: WaW, Star Ocean, Chrome Hounds, Burnout Paradise, Frontline: Fuel of War and Grand Theft Auto IV
  5. well i don't game online lol i don't have the money to buy the stuff for online
  6. my profile in this 360 is Naima. Also it'll include in Live as well as soon i can get wireless.
  7. huh?profile on what? and no wireless till june man that sucks
  8. Well, im sorry. I created my profile as Naima. But, i cant figure how to get really really long ethrenet cable- i cant get wireless until June. :(
  9. our 360 is out of commision thanx to RROD. im dyin to play C&C 3 Kane's Wrath again
  10. No worries, i can wait throughout golden week, cuz i got new 360, so it'll keep me busy, sometime i'll check my FC and see how its doing.
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