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  1. You're welcome. <3

    Nice that my hunch of being able to reach you here worked. =)
  2. Thanks. (:
  3. Atem, happy birthday. Hope you're having another great birthday today. ^^
  4. Sure, I don't mind. Gives me yet another reason to put off reading this light novel series i got addicted to last month. :p
  5. Yeah, if you want to. (:
  6. Guess I'm not much help then lol. But I have been catching up on series lately, so I can pick it back up and let you know how it is if you want.
  7. Lol. I think that was the last part I read too.
  8. The last time I read it, Claire was about to be killed by those two sisters that merged together, and the awakened girl that was with Duff got killed.
  9. It was one of the few manga I really enjoyed reading before I stopped. Was wondering if anything interesting happened in it lately.
  10. I think I stopped reading that one 2 years ago along with Soul Eater.
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