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  1. yeah i know
  2. yo nugget, ya gotta move to because NM is closing down.
  3. Yep, gonna start posting.
  4. hey, are you gunna go to the human world? dark janza is taking some students there for training. should be fun
  5. eh, indentation isn't all that big a deal really, i just have this thing about even-ness idk it's hard to exlain lol. But the advice i gave you earlier should be enough to make your posts more pleasing to the eye lol, pleasing enough i mean haha, sorry for rambling on, i'm bored.
  6. I noticed that to, its annoying that I can't get indentation on here. It would make it a lot easier to read as well.
  7. Hey man, was reading ur post, ur paragraphs are a bit sparadic and hard to follow. typing about 3 to 5 sentenes per paragraph is much easier to read, and takes less time to write. Just a friendly bit of advice.
  8. The teachers in the classes are pre rped anyway, lol
  9. Nah, the teachers are npc, i have one teacher character that randomly wonders the school grounds though. He holds one class a week.
  10. yo nugget, do you double for teachers in the SS RP?
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