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  1. And before it goes down, just thank you for it all. =] I know it isn't as though this is an end for us, but it was a beginning, and it is bittersweet seeing that end. I'll miss seeing your profile. <3
  2. Haha, never a last time with us for sure.
  3. Hey, who ever said it was the last?
  4. Poke. =]
  5. Just saying hi and hope your Tuesday is going ok. =]
  6. Haha. Yes, I suppose Anika does sound a bit like a bad ass sci-fi gunslinger girl maybe! Ehhh? Maybe? =D

    It's definitely nice just knowing the other is around and sending the other good wishes. =] But I'm a sap. I hope both our days end on a more mellow note and we can have nice calm nights!

    Happy Friday!
  7. I refuse to ignore anthing you say! xD And, annika is a wonderful name imo - reminds me of anni okley and she was bad ass, so it'd be a bad ass name - like image "I am annika, now you die!" So, fits xD

    And, I am glad we both care about eachother's days =]. Sorry you had a rough start, but really glad it's going ok now. My day has been ok too, a bit rough start to but just trying to wrinkle it out and mellow some, and so far so good ^^.

    I hope your day keeps on going ok!
  8. Ignore the name question. >> I just realized how weird that sounded. I knew an Annika once though! And do like the name a lot.
  9. Heh, you are very kind and it is very nice to know you care about my day. =] It had a rough start but seems to be going ok now. I hope your day goes well too and that you get to have some peace and calm. =]

    And random, but what do you think of the name Annika? Haha
  10. Stopping by to wish you a good day! I hope it goes well and you are well and the day is great =]
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