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  1. I have one too but i don't have anything deviations i can draw though, we should be friends, what's ur name, mines Kirra2
  2. Well, I do have an account, used only for check up not for my arts
    I didn't make one to submit them there yet,^^;; which i should do as soon as i come up with a good name

    and when i do make one i will let you know

    Thanks for asking
  3. ^^ umm, do u have a deviantart account?
  4. No problem
  5. thanks again
  6. You can upload music by using the attachment tool it in a post > go advanced post then go you down you should see the attachment thing, click on it you so can upload a file song directly to the forum....... if that's what you want... =]
  7. ok, i know how to put videos on narutomania but can add music.
  8. You can create a thread when ever you want
    but sometime if you're in a section such as Naruto manga section, you may have to check if your thread was already made by another members using search tool, or you can ask the respect sectional mod about it so you won't end up having a duplication
  9. do u have do anything(register,ask for permission,etc) before making a thread?
  10. You can say so =]
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