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  1. here is a list of the moderators and administrators and what sections they do.

    Naruto & Bleach Mania Forums - Show Groups
  2. can u tell me everyone who is in charge of what?
  3. Hi,

    You should proabably ask Arukas Naruto & Bleach Mania Forums - View Profile: Arukas about your question since he is in charge of the Naruto section. ^^
  4. If u don't mind i have a question, someone made a thread that said what is a theme song that will go good with a fight between Naruto and Sasuke? Can i make a thread that is same thing, just different characters?
  5. ........ really *sniff* that all i have to do........ thank u so much.
  6. it's okay. it takes a while to figure out how to search for things better.

    here is how i searched for it:

    in the search tab, i went to the "advanced search" link.
    under the keyword setting, i selected "search titles only".
    then i typed in "asian kung" in the keyword box and hit the "search now" button.
  7. but i searched so hard to find threads that were similar to the one i just posted, how could this happen............again for the 3rd time.
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