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  1. My msn is very simple. If you take my name and add something with a @ you'll get it. It's very simple. Usually you add
  2. clannad has not so many episodes in each of its seasons right?

    I might consider watching it after I'm done with my current girly anime lol :3
    hmm may I have your msn?

    I got that quote from someone's tumblr blog, it's interesting and I'm glad you like it too.
  3. "Some people show off their beauty because they want the world to see it.
    Others try to hide their beauty because they want the world to see something else."

  4. Well, that's nice. Yeah I like Clannad and the thing that Dango daikazoku is a part story from the rest of the series. I'm waiting for the latest episode so I can se how cute they are exploring the world as a family.

    I have msn and stuff, ask and I'll let you in on it. And if you want to start somewhere, you can go to my animelist: mossarelli's Anime List -
  5. nope, just found your set adorable so I decided to post something in your page and maybe get to know you a bit if you don't mind.

    how are you?
  6. Hi. Did you have anything on your mind?
  7. helloooo :3
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