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  1. If they used moves without your permission we're just gonna go apeshit on his ass anyways. Those Jutsus look good, really similar to something I plan on giving one off my characters later in his life but the concept is entirely different ^^
  2. Of course. I would actually dislike it if a twelve-year-old used some of the moves I've made ._.

    I posted some more jutsu, all of which will have a part in the one I talked about earlier. I hope they're acceptable. I tried to give the last one enough weaknesses to make the power acceptable, though I'll add more if necessary.
  3. Good luck and I'll see the end result. Btw, no harm in creating them now and using them later ^^
  4. Ah, k. Well, I just realized that I need to post some other jutsu before I'll talk about this one. It'll make it much easier to understand. So yeah, back to making jutsu...
  5. You can always talk about it to either Jk or me yes
  6. I'm thinking of some other jutsu to my clan, but I'm pretty sure I've made them a little over-powered. That and I took a big leave from the RP, so I dunno if I can actually make it yet. Is it possible to talk it over with the people approving jutsu (I guess that's you and JK?).
  7. Well, given the fact I have 0 previous SF experience I just get my ass raped like 10 times in a row (Yeah, I'm that bad) before I finally nab the bastard. His throws are just annoying.

    And my move wasn't inspired by the CP9 move but something I came up with when seeing something in Air Gear haha.
  8. Ah, thanks. That last move was actually something I put in right before I posted. I was kind of inspired by the CP9, but meh. I was lucky that my bloodline let me create a move similar to that xD. I did try to give a decent explanation, though (Well, decent in Naruto...)

    And bosses like Seth belong in the NES era of super hard games...he's too damn hard... What's even more annoying is that a friend of mine, a person who's played everything with the name Street Fighter, really owned him in front of me. When I tried again, it didn't go so well... >:l
  9. You're not being to pushy. I actually really enjoy seeing Jutsus put up this neatly and explained so well so it's all okay. Their accepted, the last one reminds me off something I created for my character but he has yet to master it haha.

    And I'm glad it's not just me. Seth makes me want to hurl my controller at anyone whose near. Seriously pisses me off....
  10. I posted some new jutsu in the jutsu creation thread. I'm just informing you because I'm maybe going to remove the post after a while and just have all the jutsu listed in my clan post. So, I'd like to know if they're approved and stuff before doing that. Hope I'm not being pushy...well, I hope I'm not too pushy.

    Also, this doesn't have anything to do with that, but yes. In SF4, Seth is just that hard. What an annoying boss... >:/
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