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  1. Never heard of it but I'll give it a try. I really do need more than two new chapters to read per week.
  2. Gundam 00 is one series I definitely plan on downloading - same goes for Soul Eater.
    As usual, too much to watch, not enough time '_'

    As for manga, I've heard a lot of good things about Liar Game - the premise sounds intriguing, anyway
  3. Yes. As a matter of fact, I just finished Gundam 00. I recommend it.

    I'm behind on Soul Eater - I need eps 36+. My pace has slowed but what else is new? I always drop off and pick back up when I need something to entertain me.

    As far as mango goes, same shit; Bleach and Naruto. Until I find another shounen-w/Ki-series to fap to.
  4. Right on the mark, as usual; haven't been studying as much as I used to, but it's still an ongoing routine, heh. Recently downloaded a bunch of Visual Novels for reading practice, but I have yet to start any of them =|

    Keeping up with any anime/manga lately?
  5. Yea I realized right after I posted.

    I see. You must've just slowed down then, 'cause you were on a roll.
  6. Well it's right there on the front page of your DA (sharingan-killua), how could I not notice ;D

    Yeah I still browse 2ch occasionally, with the help of J-E / J-J dictionaries

    A Japanese kid in elementary school could probably kick my ass in a vocabulary test, so modesty has little to do with it =P
  7. How do you know this!?

    Are you just being modest? You still browse/translate 2ch threads?
  8. Good to hear =]
    I see you've reading a few language books yourself (and a made a comeback on DA to boot)

    Fluent? Far from it - still very much a student with a lot to learn :]
  9. Everything's been good with me. What about you? You must be fluent in all things Japanese by now.
  10. That it is.

    How's it been ~M?
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