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  1. I think scouting might be fun. I like the 11th because there front linred, but the 2nd looks more appealing.
  2. lol yup Jin is souly focused on zanjutsu, and besides 2nd division like got loads off ppl
  3. Jin going to the 11th? aww darn. Kattar is going to the 2nd
  4. aaaw man, you didn't see kattar laying there unconcious? lol that was a page back haha
  5. It's fine man. Late or not, it's somethin to replay to.
  6. alright thanks
  7. YOu mean like the division speciality...If your wondering just look at first page of each division on forum
  8. whats the speacil thing for each divisions?
  9. the fastest would be nice, but one of the fastest is what im going for. I doesn't bother me if he is not the fastest.

    do you want me to wait for you to post?
  10. lol yeah shynpou is flash step buddy, sorry if tyler lead you on abit. Plus shynpou is seated shinigami level so your taichou of your chosen division can only teach you or other seated member and if you want to be the fastest you've got to beat Nicho taichou yet.
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