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    HIS abilities only HIS nothing about anyone else's.
    The blocking it thing was a minor issue for me I just asked for it on a side note and it didn't get answered. I wouldn't be able to do anything about taking an advantage anyways, lol, I'm not a telepath.
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    I did not once do a force-kill on his character. Its the fact that it broke the mental shield and didn't even affect him which irks me. Again, about Tul'Gaas' power it amplifys his strength not other abilities from his own so he shouldn't even be able to do that in the first place.
    The giant axe he carries, channels his abilities, and when he uses it, it makes them over 10 times stronger than before!
    That's his ability nothing about amplifying other powers.
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    Well, that's too bad because as I have to repeat myself I showed matter manipulation very early in the game and BP and Rai had no problem with this. Soooooooo.....I don't know why your complaining. And I still don't get the whole Kyle randomly dodging the psy-blast that was way beyond his telepath power to even dodge or block completely.
    [sigh] It's over anyways so let's just move on.
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    No, its not common and if it did she should have said it. Yet, she created them and no one complained. I had already discussed the speeding up the synapses of the brain thing with Kingwood so we let it happen.

    C'mon look at Black Paladin he made up the banish to the shadowlands thing and we didn't even know where that was going. And then Castiel randomly brought up more abilities while he was fighting Omega Black. The point is is that RP'ing is for fun, we were allowed to increase our abilities. I assumed that this was fine so I went ahead with it.

    He approved me when I specifically said that my powers weren't complete. And manipulation of matter was hinted way early in the game when I made that post repairing the planes in mid-air. Again that's the point your supposed to take your abilities and use some creativity with it to keep it interesting.

    My character isn't an overpowered protagonist person, anyways, and why are you complaining your the person who can phase out of things completely.

    Whatever, the thread's over anyways...
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    really now? so you're completely ignoring the fact that I said that their two different entities. I was actually planning on Sarah or Omega Black killing her and he isn't going to upgrade in power he will stay the same.

    I don't know where your getting Rai saying no manipulation of matter. He's not manipulating his body he's manipulating the matter around him to make clones of himself that doesn't mean he's Barry Allen. Show me where Rai says 'no manipulation of matter' because right now I'm only seeing two things that are prohibited.

    And Ichigo can't make clones of himself and Joshua isn't the main protagonist here, he's just a kid trying to help Sarah.

    And before you say that power upgrades are impossible may I remind you that Sarah Fraust gained the power of the psi-bolts and psi-swords in the middle of the roleplay although it didn't say so in the sign-up, kay?
    I never said you said that dimensional movement was impossible but I disagreed with you when you said that 'the realm of power' is impossible because it is possible, it's dimensional.
    It's the same with Black Paladin he suddenly got better used to his shadow manipulation thus able to 'banish stuff to the shadowlands' something he never put in his sign-up.
    Let's stop the nerdrage I don't know where your trying to go with this.
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    Your two powers (Reality manipulation and changing Histor are prohibited) (Quoted from Rai Ryuzaki on prohibited powers)

    Well, smart one if that's the case why did he approve me. And those were the two powers prohibited. He has been reading the posts and I have specifically said that my power isn't complete yet and he knows nothing about it. He's not being Ichigo Opoia and Joshua are two completely different people. I'm allowed to control two characters. For your information Kyle could kill me Joshua is not invincible. None of these characters are.
    Dimensional movement is possible Nightmare, Castiel and Gateway can do this. So um, get your facts straight and stop fighting the facts. You just made up something that wasn't even true.
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    Yesh, but your not a psychic your a.... I don't know that's my point I need it to be more clear.

    Look here's my logic, your moving right? Movement requires velocity which requires time to progress. The only way for you to get around this is if it's dimensional.

    Oi, it's hurting my head. Just make it clear plz. And let Rai know about this cuz phasing needs to be defined.
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    Yes all of those realms follow the time constant. Remember no turning back time? It might make more sense if you said that your power was spiritual or dimensional. Whatever make your post I can still deal with it either ways.
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    I fixed the armor thing kay? ^^
    Unfortunately NatureChild, your not making sense here. Being able to phase out of the universe is the only way to avoid time. Your character is not mr. mxyptlk, you say she phases out of the physical world it doesn't matter if it reacts with the physical world time is a universal law in this dimension. With this ability I bend a universal law here.
    Now if we can't agree on this then I have other tricks up my sleeve so go ahead and post and we'll see how this works out.
    If you let it slide then I won't be able to hurt you anyways so I don't know why we should be fighting about this.
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    Yes but it also changes the universe which you are phasing through. Your not phasing through the universe your phasing through the physical world. If you can phase through time as well then you should have said that in your roleplay sign-up. I mean I do have other ways of getting around this but I would prefer if you wouldn't bend the "phase" ability to an extreme without defining it.

    O and you said she reflects light in her phase state. Joshua can detect light distortion remember? He has complete dominance over electromagnetic radiation.

    So its definitely possible for our characters to fight on par.
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