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    did you not pay attention to the fact that he used Tul'Gaas' ability to increase his telepathic power? everything is there you just didn't pay attention, and even if you don't like that fact that he avoided it, if he didn't avoid it, then his character would have died... and he is the master of his character, and it's his right to decided when and where he dies. no one would complain if an attack was lauched at your character, and it would spell unavoidable death, and it normaly shouldn't be avoidible, but you some how found a way to.. becasue it's your character and decide when they die, unless stated other wise by the creator.
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    Why would it effect me if it was BLOCKED BY A MENTAL shield. If it was blocked it would be strange if something did happen to him.. and to add on to that I did in fact say he was suffering from major mental strain, but that was strain of healed by his rapid regeneration ability. and what kind of stupid as statement is that, i'm not going to let my character die because i don't want him to? DUH!!!!! if he name character i will decide when he will and will not die... and for the plot of the rp and where it was suppose to be heading, he was not suppose to die there. And if the containment suit was not made specificly for Gateways power, because Jamison already had to suit made even before we incounter Gateway, as it was in a vault. so appearently if it has the capablities to hold and sutain enegruess that can cause a rip in the very fabric of existance, I find it difficult that it wouldn't be able to stablize you quas whatever enegeries.
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    no the point is to be creativy in a controled environment. you set up and arch type in you sigh up and you follow it. if you want to add something or change something, then you ask the creator, or one of the mods of the rp...not just make it up as you go.. and Rai, and BP or the Mods of the rp, they do whatever they want. It's their rp, it's their baby, if they want their characters to be stronger then they already are then it's their business.

    And psi-bolts are very common among powerful telepaths, proffesor x, jean grey, psylock... emma frost... and jean gray and psylock used psi-bolts while they we're still inexperinced. Sarah was established as the greatest telepath on earth before at the being of the rp. I'm surprised she didn't use it early. The point being, psi-bolts fall under telepath, mental illuisions fall under telepathy..ect. what every the hell your power is, that was given no real description, would need a detailed explanation about what it is and what he would be capable of.
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    why are you not getting this.. yes your power is scientific and it's creation but at the same time morphed your genes in some way... that same thing that happened to Gateways character, and your characters have the same problem, the enegries will either rip you apart or dissovle you. That where the suit comes in, a suit, created by the most brillant mind on earth who happens to be a techopath. it regulates and controls the unstable energies in his body. I really can't explain it better then that. And the way he psy bolt dodge was premediated, and made sense, you just don't like the fact i sole and use your power. that the only issue here. and don't compare youself to Black Paladin, because he's one the second in control of the rp, he only answers to rai, so if ri doesn't say anything to him, did you deal, and roll with the punches or get out.
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    you're hopeless and clearly don't understand... Psi-bolts, and any by product of the Psi-bolts, all fall under Telepathy, any retards knows that, and as her power inceases so will the things she can do... she shouldn't have to up grade her app everytime she gets a new power... and her power up was brought on by a stress full situation, yours just poped up for no reason what so every, after like one fight... that ridiculous... also you needed to explain you power more becasue unlike telepathy, the stuff you made up isn't common. so instead of making attacks. you should have just made a detailed explaination about where his abilities are and where they would be heading. telepathy doesn't need that kind of explantion becasue like I said, it's common knowing about what falls under Telepathy.

    and Rai rejected Ifenity's app becsue his guy could manipulate the matter in his body, you think he wouldn't have a problem with you manipulating matter to the point you can create clones while slowing down time, while being able to shoot blast that dissvolve people with a touch? come on now guy get real. If you actually put all that in your app I doubt he would have excepted it. nd after the ability to control matter was not in your app nor was it even hinted to. And I can't say anything about BP, becasue he's was one of the mods fro this rp, the only person who can reject what he does or what he wants to do is Rai.
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    I'm not going to waste my time arguing this with you any further beyond this. everything I've done I've done with the consent of others. The way I use these peoples power, is how they have used them or how they have told me how it works. KB told me that Tul'gaas can increase his abilities without feeling mad. So i took his word for it. the containment suit contains, and regulates the energies in his body... if the suit regulate the energies then he doesn't need your boo boo bullshit, quason to control it... you need it, because your body isn't supported by anything but human flesh, he doesn't need it because the energy is being regulated by the suit, and on top of that it doesn't even say you need this Quason to control his power in your app, it's just something you made up, so you could prevent my character from using your power in the sper of the moment... I've I'll ready been through the clock down with Rai before I posted, the fact that there wasn't suppose to be time manipulation, and at that time he didn't explain what type of time manipulation was expectable. My character was allowed to do that. learn your facts.

    and none of this even matters any more, because the rp is over
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    dude i said read through the sign up as in the whole thing. and he approved you, because your app didn't say anything about being able to control matter any way you want... he rejected a character, who could manipulate the matter of their body to a high degree, and what your character is doing is manipulating all matter period, yeah he didn't approve that, because it's not in you app. Your app saud nothing about matter manipulation. and you can try and swing anyway you want, we all know where you got the idea from, and it's not fooling anyone... you might as well call him ichigo.

    And what are you talking about Dimensional movement, i said nothing about dimesional movement not being possible, pay attention to what is being written.
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    Oh my god your so stupid... look kid... When he absorbed the powers of GATEWAY!!!!!! He became the same thing GATEWAY!!!!! is... how are you not getting this? really is it this hard to understand?

    One of Tul'gaas' abilities is that he can increase his abilities, which i took? Jesus christ. pay attention to what's going on.

    And it wasn't freezing time it was slowly down time. if you slow down time and the person your fighting has super speed guess what? you'll move at a normal rate of speed within at slowing down of time.

    ANd i didn't say it negates, I said REGULATES... pay attention... it regulates, as in keeps under control.... DUH.. that's your problem, you apparently don't take the time to understand what's going on.

    And he wasn't warped reality, and his not an beatable bad ass, he just not going to get beat you.
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    Show me where I deviate from my character. If your talking about Opoia she's a dimensional being she can do this her "realm of power" isn't magical its dimensional and physical so get your facts straight I'm right about this. Show me how my character's doing is not legit he's simply mastering his power. Clones is possible he can manipulate matter to however he wants to now

    One, Rai stated that he didn't want Matter manipulation of the level in the rp, if you read through the apps in the sign up you would have saw that. 2 nothing in you sign up even points to him being able to learn how to manipulate matter. So that is a direct deviation of you power right there. two there's no such thing, and if her realm of power is dimesional and physical, how how Kyle not be able to under stand it? when he can manipulate dimesional rifts, and phase out of the physical plane? make no sense, and your just pulling shit out of your ass, to try and make some uber haxed villian, when the big villian spots were are already filled and's fine if she the ultimate villian in you littl side story, but we already had our big villians, and didn't need your character trying to me the ichigo of the rp.
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    I thoroughly explained how he defended and escaped the attack, you just failed to pay attention or comprehend. Furthermore, He isn't bending any rules. Every thing he's doing is granted to him by other peoples abilities, or special equipment he was been given. And if he doesn't say it's approved when you put up in the sign up thread, then it's not approved... his rapid regeneration can easily be extend to the atomic level, by using Tul'Gaas' ability to increase the power of abilities, but he doesn't even have to do that because he's wearing a containment suit that regulates the energies in his body, so that threat is nullified. And if what opoia is doing is impossible... then IT SHOULDN'T BE in the RP PERIOD.... doing shit that's impossible is the very definition of GMing.

    and no one made up any rules... if someone is trapped inside thier own mind, then only a telepath would be able to help that person. That's common sense. You need to learn to pay attention to what's going on in the rp, instead of trying to billy badass, all the damn time, and I don't every want to hear you say anything about what's not in someone app every...
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