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    Re: Star Trek (2008)

    First star trek movie i ever watched and I enjoyed the whole thing 9.5 out of 10.
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    Re: DBZ Live Action Movie [possible spoilers]

    ok just watched the movie and I was not impressed with it. I laughed at some of the jokes the fight scenes were nice but it was painful wathching this movie 4/10 for this one. For everyone who were...
  3. Re: Naruto Manga Chapter 439 spoiler discussion

    wow epic chapter. on a side note could this be some confirmation that kakashi has passed away, one reason to keep him alive was to tell naruto who his dad was but now that option is already done....
  4. Re: Naruto Manga Chapter 437 spoiler discussion

    If the spoiler is true damn why kill hinata, he just wasted a character. Hinata's character was someone I was waiting to see finally blossom, why make it seem like what was holding her back was...
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    Re: Claymore Chapter 88 Discussion

    For some reason i enjoyed this post o_O. I for one can not wait for the reunion between the two.
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    Re: Boy 'cop', 14, patrols Chicago

    wow! This is one of the how the hell did this happen stories. You let someone you never met before ride in your squad car without any kind of information or identification stupid. Who ever is in...
  7. Re: 6-year-old takes family car after missing bus

    wow! I really want to know how tall this kid is. I would not be surprised that one of the reasons they arrested the parents could be they are not feeding their kids apropriately, i mean the kid did...
  8. Re: Naruto Manga Chapter 433 discussion thread

    If naruto lost this fight I just cant see god pain escaping with naruto even though konan is still around. All the other shinobi that are still able to fight can attempt an imediate rescue they will...
  9. Thread: Taken


    Re: Taken

    Taken did well at the box office it came in number one with about 26 million or so, nice job.
  10. Thread: Push


    Re: Push

    wow they gave god pain his own movie. lol i plan on watching this sometime.
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    Re: GI Joe- Live Action Film

    I almost spilled my drink when i saw the trailer on my girls 56inch tv. Excellent.
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    Re: Naruto vs Sasori

    IT did not take pa frog a long time to summon sage kagebunshin naruto to the fight against pain, so it should not take naruto a long time to say summon a hundred clones and then summon sage...
  13. Thread: Taken


    Re: Taken

    I have this in my collection, when i first saw this i had to watch it twice it was that good. I might watch it in theaters for the first time this weekend it was that good.
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    Poll: Re: Ulquiorra vs Ichigo

    to many captains still in hueco mundo one of them may intervene i hope it is unohana.
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    Poll: Re: Rate Naruto Manga 2008!

    I give it a 5.
  16. Re: Naruto Manga Chapter 429 spoiler discussion

    I see the kids gloves officially coming of naruto after this. I can not picture anyone keeping him in check after he sees all the damage, he might leave the village and go after akatsuki solo.
  17. Re: Naruto Manga Chapter 428 discussion thread.

    why is everyone shocked that konohamaru knows kagebunshin and how to utilize it. He had ebisu as his personal instructor almost his entire life and ebisu is a jounin who should also know all the...
  18. Re: Naruto Manga Chapter 427 spoiler discussion

    wow this looks good, i am looking forward to what the hell konohamaru is going to pull off, what are the chances he summons monkey king enma or at least the monkey prince or something along that line.
  19. Poll: Re: Narutomanias Naruto Manga Section Favorite Character poll!

    from the first time i saw him jiraiya became my favorite character.
  20. Re: Naruto Manga Chapter 426 discussion thread

    we might not see any hyuuga clan ninjas beside negi or hinata unless one of the pain bodys attack where the hyuuga clan branch family and main family stays.
  21. Re: Naruto Manga Chapter 425 discussion thread

    nice chapter but i dont think kakashi is going to die. reason is we did not see any foreshadowing of some sorts so far, exsample in orochimaru vs the third we saw the thirds face crack, in garra vs...
  22. Re: Naruto Manga Chapter 424 discussion thread

    well since this chapter confirms pain uses dead bodies and he stock piles them do you think we will see the two tails chick again as another pain body, I can just picture pain useing her body to...
  23. Re: Naruto Manga Chapter 424 spoiler discussion.

    wow I would not be surprised if naruto trys to leave the village when he returns and sees all the damage pain did to the village while he was away. naruto will feel so guilty to see that the village...
  24. Re: Bleach Manga Ch. 333 Spoiler Pics/Summaries

    if hinamori is there that is going to lead to hitsugaya's downfall we all know he can not concentrate when she is around or in a fight.
  25. Re: The 2008 Election Thread Council Projects the 44th President of the United States

    There was gun shots and fireworks in my hood when the news came out, everyone was having a blast celebrating in my hood and at my job when i finnally went to work an hour late.
  26. Re: Naruto Shippuuden Episode 82 Discussion

    I enjoyed this episode alot the music was great the scene and conversation between shikamaru and his father was very well done i can not wait for the next episode.
  27. Re: Naruto Manga Chapter 422 discussion thread

    do you think kakashi had his raiton clone before or after we saw itachi's exploding bunshins.
  28. Re: Naruto Manga Chapter 421 spoiler discussion.

    great chapter next week should be better. God pains jutsu is sick no phsyical or ninjutsu attacks, hell i doubt genjutsu would work. If kakashi makes it out of this alive and he ends up being hokage...
  29. Re: What would your own "Manga" be about???

    great idea, It wold be sports an fighting based. I guess it would be about me and all the shit I use to do when playing basketball for money when I was in highschool. I like this idea alot i better...
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    re: J-Man's ***** Decision

    if jiraiya had taken them back to konoha you could have two problems one oro would probably want the rinnegan for himself, two the uchihas would or maybe even the hyuggas would see the rinnegan as a...
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