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    Poll: who is the biggest perv?

    who is the biggest perv out of all these 3. if u think its some1 else. then state it. its a oll people its time to vote.

    miroukou (inuyasha)
    jiraiya ( naruto)
    deadman brooke (one piece)
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    Re: Underated characters

    i say yachiru is an underated charcter although we have heard all abt er history. we stil havent seen her fight even once i wanna see her fight.:falcon:falcon:falcon
  3. Re: Naruto Manga Chapter 443 Discussion Thread

    very intresting ch. i must say although 1 thing im surprised at is that how does naruto still have so much energy left. he went into sage mode a couple of times, a 1/2 a dozen rasen shurikens KO'D...
  4. how long are these naruto anime fillers gonna last

    dude ive been watching fillers for so long ive forgotten wat was the original story line? i mean hey the manga is verrrry farther than the anime so even if they showed a couple of naruto arcs one...
  5. (one piece manga ?) what is going to the rest of the straw hat crew ?

    i know they all have the vivre card to get back to reyleigh, but how will they kno. that luffy has gone to save ace. :falcon:falcon

    and i wonder if the straw hat crew will; take part in the...
  6. Re: what manga ch should i start reading from

    alrite cool thanx.:falcon:falcon:falcon:falcon
  7. what manga ch should i start reading from

    hey guys wats up i have finally finished watching all 395 episode of onepiecesub and i am wondering waT ch. 2 start reading the manga from.:darth:darth:darth:darth

    my next question is should i...
  8. why didnt kakashi open his chakra gate(s) before using mangekyo

    i mean he could have lived if he opened his chakra gate and then used mangekyo. he would have had a better chance at doing more damage y didnt he do it. nor did he use a summoning or any thing real...
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    Re: Naruto Manga Chapter 437 Discussion Thread

    damn man thats just wack and kinda funny she confesses her love to him and then gets k.o damn and i doubt she is dead man cuz if she is thats just bad. damn man and y did neji say thats jiraiyas toad...
  10. creation of a new clan due to to the marriage of naru-hinata

    :falcon:falconhere is my theory

    naruto and hinata`s lineage

    new clan name: "The White Eyes Demon Fox clan"

    potential combo justu: "use shadow clone+byakugan 2 cover up ur weakness of 360...
  11. difference between the chidori and the rasengan

    Every 1 keeps saying how the Chidori has different versions and shapes of it, but the Rasengan doesnít, and how sasuke has lighting and fire affinity but naruto only has wind Thatís because the...
  12. adavantages vs. disadvantages of chidori vs. rasengan

    :falconthis isnt really a theroy byut more of an observation but if u really want a theory its this rasengan is stronger than chidori

    chidori advantages:

    1) takes less time and skill to...
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    what is gaara gonna do now?

    1st of im not a fan boy nor am i posting this to diss the garra fans.

    2nd of all: no useles answers serious answers only plse dont giver me answers like gaara is fodder or something like that give...
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    A new combo move for naruto

    hey guys i have feeling naruto will soon combine rasengan with his kage bunshin to form a new technique. now imagine the uzamaki barrage rite, and now instead of a kage bunshin kicking him down with...
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    naruto and the chunin exams

    wat would happen if naruto entered the chunin exams again. i mean with the amt of power he has it would take alot of effort not to kill his opponent, since almost all his jutsu are designed to maim...
  16. Rukia`s bankai wat will it look like and be.

    HEY GUYS WATS UP like the title sugests this thread is dealing with the possibility of the appearance and ability of her bankai when/if she gets ever reaches that level. and sorry if it looks abit un...
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    Re: help me wich 1piece episode is this

    ok guys the 1 i watched had sanji sucking a lolipop and i agree n the skypia arc they fucked up the voices u had zolo sounding lkike a fag. and sanji sounding like woman. so howabt u guys just give...
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    Sticky: Re: The Naruto Manga discussion Thread

    hey maybe we will see naruto teaching konahamaru some more cool jutsu like summoning jutsu and elemental jutsu. maqyber we might see gai teaching nariuto how to open his chakra gates and we might see...
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    help me wich 1piece episode is this

    hey wats up guys i used to watch one piece on cartoon network until they stopped showing it so heres my ? where to start watching i again.

    the last episode i saw was where they were in skypia...
  20. Re: is there any point in naruto participating in the chunin exams

    i think that taking the chunin exams is just a formality seeing as konoha needs $$$$ they will either make him go thru the exams that is wat the erlders would say cuz they r pain in the asses. but...
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    Re: Naruto mobile sage mode

    dude with naruto anything is possible and he has proven that time and time again so just wzait and see
  22. wats the diff between raikiri and chidori?

    are they the szame or what? ghelp plse:falcon:falcon:falcon:falcon:k:k:fighting0
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    Sticky: Re: The Naruto Manga discussion Thread

    hey guys i started this thread to ask wat will happen next after the whole naruto vs. pein and akutski arc i mean wat else is left for naruto to master. or to be mopre specific wat kind of stuff will...
  24. is there any point in naruto participating in the chunin exams

    i mean he is the strongesr shinobi in konoha he is stronger than jiraiya even. and if he does paricipate in the exams it would ne unfair to thge others cuz he is at;eat jonin level and he woul;d...
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