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Thread: Weekly Writing Contest 74

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    Default Weekly Writing Contest 74

    On Thursday a topic will be chosen and posted by the previous weeks winner. Then everyone who wants to enter will post their piece in the thread before 12:00 PM (-8:00 GMT) Thursday. So that is Wednesday night/early Thursday Morning. Then the previous winner will judge all the pieces and pick the new winner and post it in the entry thread sometime on Thursday (try and do it as early as you can). The weeks winner will then pick the topic and make a new thread and it starts all over again. Remember this is your chance to shine!!!


    1. All forms of writing are welcome, whether it be poetry, short stories, essays, fan fiction, or whatever.
    2. All entries must be under 500 words
    3. All entries will be rated no higher than R this will be at the mods discretion. All entries rated over PG-13 must be under spoiler tags with a warning!
    4. The week's judge's decision is final and absolute. There no whining or complaining about another piece being better or the judge not being able to judge. On a flip note lets try and keep it as fair and impartial as possible.
    5. Critique will be allowed in another thread, but must remain constructive. Just saying 'your piece sucks' is not allowed and will be dealt with accordingly. Everyone will be trying their best so lets not try to hurt feelings. On the flip side learn to take criticism it will help you become a better writer.
    6. Let's have fun with it. This will give you a chance to read others people's writing and let others read yours.
    7. A default judge will pick a new winner and topic if the week's judge goes MIA.
    8. If for some reason you can't fulfill your duties. Please PM Sarah so that she will be able to take appropriate action so the contest doesn't suffer delays.
    9. Have fun!!!

    This week's topic
    : Competition

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    Default Re: Weekly Writing Contest 74

    Just something to keep things rolling.

    Vanity's Fair

    This is not a task, or a mission
    Sacrifying everything, without volition
    All for health, looks and condition
    Counting calories and finding best nutrition
    Unfortunately not alone, in opposition
    Inner fire, filled with ambition
    To be example of beauty in dictionary definition

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    Default Re: Weekly Writing Contest 74

    Bitter Rivalry

    “How does she manage to do it so well? Aaaahhh! It’s not fair!”
    “What’s the matter Rin? What’s got you so upset?”
    Scoffing, Rin replied “Nothing, just nothing.”
    “Fine then, hoard it in.”
    Who the hell does she think she is? Like if she would offer me anything, they always side with Kat, ‘Oh Kat’s so brilliant, look at what spectacular portrait Kat’s done, Kat Kat Kat Kat KAT!’ Damn Kat, why does she have to make everything I do look so pathetic? Tears beaded on her eyelids, making her hazel eyes sparkle with menace. Everyone thinks that’s she’s soooo good, soooo fantastic, well….well…. Her hands clenched tightly in response to her frantic thoughts, her fingernails digging into her own flesh, as she fell to her knees, tears flowing freely. Well then who gives a damn…who gives a bloody damn!
    Sniffling she grabbed the sharpen utility knife she always carried in her case, her useless weapon to perfecting her creations, those disgusting pieces suffocating her; radiating from her desk. It was a littered with various sheets of parchment, vellum, even sheets torn from a sketchpad. Clutching the knife firmly in her hand she sought to annihilate her taunting failures.
    “What the…. Rin what happened here?” Kat said as she stepped into the room shocked at the chaos. “Hey Rin was there a hurricane….here Rin you’re bleeding!”
    “Don’t touch me, you you you, GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME! You ruined my life!”
    “What?” Kat stopped her approach, her hands twisting around themselves, betraying her confusion, “what are you talking about?”
    “YOU you YOU Hog! You mean HOG!” Rin latched onto Kat’s feet, digging her nails into tender flesh.
    “Aaaahhh Rin,” looking down from her position Kat saw the hunched, bleeding figure of Rin clawing her feet, as tears stung her eyes she quietly asked, “ what have you done?...What have you done Rin?”
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    Default Re: Weekly Writing Contest 74


    Demetri, the taller of the two by exactly two centimeters, couldn't shake his nerves. This was one job he'd never seen himself doing, yet here he was - salty sweat rolling down his balding for head. Questions circled around his mind like a tornado cutting his balls as every sharp moment passed.

    They were a duo of the same bitter blood. Born only moments apart, they were nearly everything to each other - the first thing on earth they'd ever known. Thus, one felt the others emotions easily; in this case, Murdok could feel in the core of his very bones that Demetri could not go through with it.

    The brothers, who up to this point had only done small robberies and heist, had reason to be nervous. They'd be contracted out their first hit for hire, and murder. Yet, as all villainous organizations of this god fearing world do, The Grape Vine Syndicate was very creative when it came to promoting it's foot soldiers to the rank of stone cold murderers. And, they'd thought of a doozy for the brothers.

    "Something's wrong here," Demetri whispered to his brother stood only a few inches away from him.

    Murdok said nothing. He simply reached in his torn jeans and produced a bent lucky strike. As he lit the smoke, the alley way they were in lit briefly, reveling the brothers grim, as they were known on the street.

    "Did you here me?" Demetri said. This time her spoke louder, his voice trembled with his unsteady nerves. It was clear to Murdok that he'd been wrong thinking his brother could go threw with the murder. Just like Demetri to be dead weight that Murdok had to carry around. And, the heavy the situation, the heavier Demetri a load he was for Murdok.

    "Cool it," Murdok hissed. "We've been trailing the mark for a month. He's a damn creature of habit, never misses a step. Tonight, as always, he'll come out of the dive over there, loaded with whiskey, and walk home - just like he does every freaking Tuesday."

    Demetri said nothing. Murdok looked him over with disgust - his hard eyes pulsating, his cutting lips making a slit nervous grin. If Murdok didn't know better, he'd swear Demetri was enjoy this...too much...

    "I swear Demetri sometimes I wish I were an only child," Murdok said sharply.

    For a moment there was nothing but defining silence. Then, as if right on queue, the mark appeared outside the doors of the nameless gin-joint, across from the speechless alley where the demonic brothers laid in waiting.

    "There!" Murdok said. "See I told you, right on time!"

    It was then that things became clear. It was then that he realized why Demetri was so damn nervous. The poor bastard had to kill his own Siamese twin. Murdok laid a grin across his face. At least, he didn't forget the silencer, he thought...

    A soft click echoed under the thin wind in that dark alley.
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    Default Re: Weekly Writing Contest 74

    Nice entries! I'm going to give this one to sarah - very engaging peice. I liked the poem martzu, alot, especially the end which wrapped everything up well. Nice entires, and congrats sarah.

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    Default Re: Weekly Writing Contest 74


    Once some were born,
    their bonds are tied by competition.
    By the way they look, the way they dress,
    Even the way they talk, walk and brains.

    Pushed up against each other in a world of rivalry they never except.
    Unable to break away, unable to be the loser of the competition.
    All they are allowed to do is do their best,
    To prove they are better and higher in seat in the family than the other.

    In the end, what is the meaning of it?
    Blood bonded siblings competing the title and fame from the elders of a family.
    Is this truly what they want?
    Or, do they have no say in their actions?

    Though, even if one feels there is no need to compete.
    The other will have been swallowed by the mission,
    Unable to see clearly any longer.
    That is when the other will succumb to the darkness.

    Forgetting all the bonds, the times of joy.
    Causing in the end, for the two to cross blades, skills and talents.
    To win the name and fame, which will be upon one of the two.
    In the end, what is the competition all worth?
    Is it really worth losing your bond with the one you grew up with?
    Time will tell, and true goals will shine.


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