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Thread: As She Lays - Hinata

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    Exclamation As She Lays - Hinata

    In response to the latest manga chapters, here's a hinata piece. Sorry, I didn't really take my time with this. I'm working on another drawing, but this was just a small side project I wanted to finish today.

    Time taken: 2 hours.
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    I would spoiler that asap before someone complains. Anything from the manga no matter how tiny and seemingly insignificant is considered spoiler.

    What did you use to draw that? I like it but it seems like you used something like paint. The reason I ask is because my opinion of how good it is will change depending on the program lol Some of the colour is over the lines which is bizarre... I wouldn't have expected to see that. The expression is cool but the whole thing seems like a sketch so the fact that it took 2 hours is a bit of a let down. With more practice you will undoubtedly improve though.

    If you made it with photoshop take a look at the pen tool and remember that layers are your friend.

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    Like Mongor said is a good idea to put it in a spoiler cause not all read the manga.

    But back to thread.

    Overall is nice done keep working at it.
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    ^Thanks SL

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