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Thread: LITTLE SPARK Characters (PG rating)

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    Cool LITTLE SPARK Characters (PG rating)

    This thread is dedicated to the characters that are in my fanfiction "Little Spark: Intro to Fire Hound". You'll know who they are if you're follwing my thread in the Lit section. If seriously don't know what you're missing! Go check it out, if you're interested in reading the Prologue to an amazing fanfic....The story is rated PG-13 for Language and Sexual Suggestions.

    We'll start with what appears to be the most popular character in the story so far... Akita Hatake; older sister to Kakashi Hatake. BE FORWARNED, I'm not too terribly talented at drawing humans...especially gentle! Her pose was inspired by "Holli Would" from the movie "Cool World" (awesome movie!) Any resemblence to an actual Holli pose would be really cool.

    Done with sharpies and colored pencils.

    Next, we have my persoanl favorite character, Katavi, the ninja horse (and the only character I can draw without a problem!) First, his normal appearence:

    Done with colored pencils and some sharpie.

    Next is Katavi's ninja-horse form. DISCLAIMER: Pose ref'd from an art piece by my friend Pookyns-5 entitled "Keepin' an Eye on You".

    Done with sharpies/#2 pencil and a drop of colored pencils.

    More characters to come! Enjoy
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    Default Re: LITTLE SPARK Characters (PG rating)

    Bring it on!

    Have gone to the new place already.

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