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Thread: anyone want me

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    Default anyone want me

    im a noob (obviously) and clearly am not good at this stuff.
    my name is Chii Chii and im hear to post in the forums have fun and chat

    will i ever be understood??

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    Default Re: anyone want me

    Welcome to the forum.

    The Lounge - Naruto & Bleach Mania Forums Is a good place to start posting. Your posts won't count towards your post count but another emo will fit in well.

    Enjoy your time here, any questions, just let me know.

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    Default Re: anyone want me

    Hey =]

    Umm, i remember when i first joined i wasn't that good at those stuff too but yeah i am sure in time you wil get to know many things, have new friends....

    Some sections here have post count other don't such as the lounge which is basically a spam section where members chat a lot and have fun ....unless you want serious discussion then i suggest you to post else where then the lounge

    Just make sure you read the rules and everything will be fine

    Let me know if you need help

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