On Thursday a topic will be chosen and posted by the previous week's winner. Then everyone who wants to enter will post their piece in the thread before 12:00 PM (-8:00 GMT) Thursday. So that is Wednesday night/early Thursday morning. Then the previous winner will judge all the pieces and pick the new winner and post it in the entry thread sometime on Thursday (try and do it as early as you can). The week's winner will then pick the topic and make a new thread and it starts all over again. Remember, this is your chance to shine!!!


1. All forms of writing are welcome, whether it be poetry, short stories, essays, fanfiction, or whatever.
2. All entries must be under 500 words.
3. All entries will be rated no higher than R; this will be at the mod's discretion. All entries rated over PG-13 must be under spoiler tags with a warning!
4. The week's judge's decision is final and absolute. There no whining or complaining about another piece being better or the judge not being able to judge. On a flip note, let's try and keep it as fair and impartial as possible.
5. Critique will be allowed in another thread, but must remain constructive. Just saying 'your piece sucks' is not allowed and will be dealt with accordingly. Everyone will be trying their best so lets not try to hurt feelings. On the flip side, learn to take criticism. It will help you become a better writer.
6. Let's have fun with it. This will give you a chance to read other people's writing and let others read yours.
7. A default judge will pick a new winner and topic if the week's judge goes MIA.
8. If for some reason you can't fulfill your duties, please PM Sarah so that she will be able to take appropriate action so the contest doesn't suffer delays.
9. Have fun!!!

This Week's Topic: Heroes

Who is, might be, or what you considered to a hero/ someone you admire