The poster for my fanfic "Little Spark: Intro to Fire Hound", which can be read in the fanfic forum. This story is COMPLETE.

TOP RIGHT: Katavi (horse)

RIGHT: Kamachi Inuzuka and Akita Hatake

BOTTOM RIGHT: The Black Ninja Knight and his Demon Horse

BOTTOM: Kaliana Inuzuka age 7.

BOTTOM LEFT: Gai Maito age 13 (I tried so hard to NOT make him look exactly like Rock Lee by making his hair different and giving him freckles. I just love his I-May-Only-Be-In-One-Chapter-But-I-Still-Made-It-On-The-Poster! look on his face XD)

CENTER LEFT: Kakashi Hatake age 12.

TOP LEFT: Minato Yondaime.


This is the banner for the proceeding fic "Fire Hound: Eye of Destruction", which can also be read in the fanfic section. There's only 2 Acts (6 chapters) up now, but I will continue when folks become interested in reading it (it is currently on a 2-week intermission to allow folks to catch up. I've uploaded 6 Acts [18 chapters] so far.) It really is a very well-written story with an exciting plot. Don't believe me? Read it for yourself....

Both pieces done with sharpies and colored pencils.

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