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Thread: Guild Wars 2

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    Default Re: Guild Wars 2

    The camera in CoH moves waayyyyy more than in GW2.

    I really just don't really care for games in general anymore. GW2 isn't bad. It's slow. There's no such thing as a "role" really, since everyone can heal, everyone does damage, etc. It's just a slow game in general, really, and it sort of forces you to rely on other people at times. I don't mind it, it's a good time sink, and sometimes I crave it a bit since the personal story quest lines are really interesting.

    I played WoW for like 6 years, so I'm very biased towards it, even while I don't play it anymore. I'd still argue WoW is significantly better, but for something you don't pay a monthly fee for, GW2 isn't bad.

    But really, may as well just play Forsaken World. Shit's free.

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    Default Re: Guild Wars 2

    Loving my engineer! Gonna have to play her up some and see how she holds up. Wasn't digging my elementalist, she was too squishy and her firepower wasn't making me happy.

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    Default Re: Guild Wars 2

    my first server was dragonbrand. it seems like a dying less populated server. i transferred to blackgate to see how that server is. i'm not settling on "staying" there just yet it seems pretty WvW competitive.. i just want enough people in the maps to do dynamic events and find pick up groups to do dungeons. i wonder if there is a miraculous guild out there that can do dungeons and is active around 3-5 am in the morning american time....

    also halloween event... yeah that mad clock jumping puzzle was a pain in the butt. i couldn't conquer.

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