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Thread: Real Life Cosplay Pics Plz!

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    Default Real Life Cosplay Pics Plz!

    Heres the deal, post cosplay pics of real people, they must
    -Be attractive
    -Be pretty damn close to the anime characters.
    -Are cool
    For example, No i dont want
    1.A fat guy as sasuke
    2.A skinny guy as chouji.
    Exceptions: Hot chicks may as a male char, provided their somewhat close to the anime char in costume.

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    Default Re: Real Life Cosplay Pics Plz!

    Ill probably have some more later but for now its just these 2

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    Default Re: Real Life Cosplay Pics Plz!

    I don't know if you need a picture of what they really look like. But if you do, I apologize for not having one.

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    Default Re: Real Life Cosplay Pics Plz!

    hmmmm....some reason it wont let me put some pics in...damn i have some really good pics to...

    will that do?
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