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Thread: Literature Contests Types & Rules

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    Default Literature Contests Types & Rules

    Literature Contests Types & Rules

    These rules apply to the Literature contest section. They will outline some general rules and then rules for each type of contest that is held. As always, general forum rules apply.

    General Rules

    • Anything with mature content should be placed under a spoiler tag with some sort of forewarning.
    • Nothing that is extremely graphic (visual/descriptive sex and gore) may be posted in this section and should be posted in the 18+ section.
    • Whether you win or lose, try to be a good sport and participate in the contests in a mature manner.
    • Flaming will not be tolerated. Making fun of a person’s writing or skills is not just of bad taste, but wrong and hampers a writer’s growth, so any type of flaming will be strictly moderated.
    • You may only start and run one contest at a time. If really want to run another contests at the same time, please contact the literature section moderator for permission to do so.
    • You may participate in as many contests as you'd like.
    • To discuss the Contests section go here:

    Contest Types

    Monthly Competitions

    • Monthly Competitions are currently run by 4thseal.
    • These contests change every month ^^.
    • Judging is done by three pre-assigned judges.
    • There is no limit on the amount of participants.
    • Speak to 4thseal if you’ve got an idea for a monthly competition or any general questions.
    • To discuss the Monthly competitions, go here:

    Weekly Writing Competitions

    • Weekly Writing Competitions are currently run by Sarah.
    • The rules for the WWC are always in the first post of the current WWC thread.
    • There is no limit on the amount of participants.
    • To discuss the Monthly competitions, go here:

    Writing Battles

    • Individual battle threads may be made by any member.
    • There must a set amount of participants, which is determined by the member running the battle.
    • All non-participants may judge.
    • Judging: Judging is done on a point ranking system ranging for five points to three points.

      5pts to member 1
      4pts to member 2
      3pts to member 3

      OP decides how many points to win.
    • Max points, topics, due dates and such are up to the member that is running the battle.
    • You can be creative and set your own sub-rules, handicaps, themes and limits for battles.
    • Battle discussions may take place in the same thread where entries are posted.

    For an example of a battle go here:

    Literature Exchanges

    • Literature Exchanges may be made by any member.
    • If you would like a fanfic, please specify a few fandoms that you are interested in so the author will know what you like.
    • If you requests a story be written for you, you must also write a story for a participant.
    • Exchange discussions may take place in the same thread where entries are posted.
    • The exchange should follow this format but can be added upon:
    Literature type (ex. poetry, fanfic, short story, etc.):
    Suggested prompts:
    Genre (ex. humor, drama, action, etc.):
    Dislikes (ex. male/male relations, sex, etc.):
    Anything else:
    For an example of a literature exchange go here:

    Not seeing the type of contest you’d want. Send a pm to the lit moderator to discuss making a new Contest type. And, I'm always around for questions.

    Please send me or whoever the current moderator is a pm if I missed anything or there is something you’d like to suggest be added to the rules.

    This list will be updated with new contests types as they are created.
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